"Usually other training courses' theoretical part is boring and uninteresting, but this one-week training course exceeded all expectations. We loved both the theoretical and the practical side of the course and enjoyed every bit of it as a team and individuals. The trainer, Mr John Hutchings, was a very experienced professional who was very helpful throughout the course. He was available to give individual attention whenever required by me or my colleagues. I would like to thank Globesat Communications for designing this amazing training which made Al Arabiya's news-gathering team a much stronger, skilled and confident department. We recommend this course to everyone who is interested in news-gathering."

Mourad Kricha, Satellite Desk Manager, MBC/Al Arabiya

"I believe the Globesat course to be extremely beneficial in starting a career in the Satellite Newsgathering business. The Course content is excellent in both technical and practical aspects and I would highly recommend it. I have since been to Lebanon as an SNG Engineer and found the course and the course notes particularly useful. I am now working for SNG in London."

Ian Good, ex R. Signals, UK

"I thought the course was great. I think overall it filled in a lot of gaps in terms of theory of operations. I couldn't think of any changes to make. It was just the right amount to take in for a one-week course. I have talked to so many truck operators back in the States that are jealous that I went through with it. Thanks for everything, I have since moved jobs to NBC and will be covering the Winter Olympics in Italy for two months."

Chris Depalo, NBC, USA

"From the outset the Globesat crew were great, extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Starting at the very beginning they explained all aspects of SNG work, including a detailed session on fault finding and fixing. Being given the chance to test out our skills with a transmission was hugely benificial. The course was fantastic and worth every penny. Thanks Globesat!"

Tiff Gault, Australia

"Despite the fact I was a Satellite engineer I found the information on the course was really very useful for me. The theoretical and operational information was great. Every one who wishes to increase his/her information about Satellite engineering should attend this course. The information in the course was rich and builds a fantastic base for SNG engineers. I personally consider attending this course as very successful."

Mazin Awad, Sky News, Iraq

"Having used military satellites I found the lessons with Globesat, both theory and practical a great insight into the commercial world. All equipment taught was used in works placements with ITV, Sky News and Eurosport. I would thoroughly recommend this course to any ex Royal Signals personnel keen on moving into a satellite newsgathering field."

Paul Parkes ex SSgt R. Signals, UK

"I was a mechanical engineer who had no experience in SNG. I went to Cyprus for the week's course with Globesat and found it very interesting and useful, especially the hands on practical experience I gained. It was a great success and I now work as a freelance SNG engineer with Fox News."

Ali Al Sayed, Kuwait

"I had no previous experience within the Industry before attending Globesat's course. Would highly recommend course its very good and the course notes thorough, at the end they set me up with Solo Satellite Communications for a placement, this went well and I am now in full time employment."

George Turns, Ex-Royal Marines, UK

"I came on the Globesat course from working in electronic and satellite installation field for more than 12 years. After I attend this SNG course, I found more knowing, and myself more confident especially when I faced some sudden problems. I am now respected as an SNG engineer from all who work with me. Thank you so much to you for all the help and advice taught to me."

Mohammed El Annan, Lebanon

"I would thoroughly recommend the Globesat course. In five days you get a good combination of practical and theoretical skills. The course notes are professional and easy to read, and most importantly the personal service is outstanding…when you are stuck in the middle of a big story and you have problems locating THE satellite, Globesat are always on the end of a phone ready to talk you through the problem."

Pierre Zakrzewski, Freelance Cameraman, UK